Forever Knows Best

by Hoi-Poi Farplane Wind

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released December 9, 2016

Kostas Grammadas - guitar / vocals
Theodore Dodoussis - bass / vocals
Andrew Ampatzidis - guitar / keyboard / vocals
Alex Grekos - Drums

Produced, engineered and mixed by Theodore Dodoussis, ass. engineer: everyone.
Recorded at the infamous Tsigarida Building with makeshift soundproofing.
Mixed at Selh's Bedroom.
Mastered by Theodore Dodoussis & the boys.

Cello on tracks 7, 8, 12 by Irene Martini.
Harmonica on track 8 by Andrew Ampatzidis.
Music and lyrics for tracks 1, 2, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and lyrics for track 3 by Kostas Grammadas.
Music and lyrics for track 7 and music for track 3 by Andrew Ampatzidis.
Music and lyrics for track 6 by Theodore Dodoussis.
Drumlines for all songs by Alex Grekos.
All songs collectively honed and perfected by the boys.

Artwork and layout by Kostas Grammadas.



all rights reserved


Hoi-Poi Farplane Wind Thessaloniki, Greece

Four piece alternative / grunge / punk outfit from Thessaloniki, Greece. Started off as a cover band trio in 2011, released a muddy indie EP in 2013, a demo in 2015 and our first full-length album "Forever Knows Best" in 2016.

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Track Name: In A Way
In a way you know I'm lying
Cause I've failed you more than twice

It's okay to say you're tired
From trying to break down all this ice

Now open your eyes
And take a look
At the truth

When you said you're back you told me
All you needed was a kick
And what I had to do to keep you
Was to not push away

But what could be done
With someone like you
The kindest words were slipping through

It seems to take
Was just as hard
As letting go

Being dumb enough to lose you
Is the one thing I regret
I don't think that you remember this now
In a way I hope you do
Track Name: Happen
I had been talked into more daunting shit
Than what we share
Unmistakeably caught still among
Way colder veins

Laying within my morning sheets
And grinding 'gainst your hollow space
Feel out of it bit weak
Just cutting through the day

I've seen it all before and I lied to keep it sane
It's when I feel ignored that it all starts to seem so

Call in sick and try to reconstruct
Defragmentate my brain
Begin to wrap my mind around how
You see the things I throw your way

We build towards a sin and a world to fit it
(Ain't no mistaken)
A century old game
That you can't seem to let me win

I've waited– tried to be a better me than what you'd only smile to
So commonplace mundane among debris of paralyzing gazes
You can't even entertain the thought of going, or the feeling that, well, I just might
And I start to feel alone, keep lying 'bout our fate that seems so broken.
Track Name: An Esper
They told me she reads minds with unforgiving eyes
They told me she's a witch and fate is on her side
And when we were alone she'd move things aroung the home
Shake and turn a milk-white eye to all our troubles

When I'm being told I can't
Turn your page and it's all cobbled up and burned, she said

Strain your gaze a few days further into me
If you can't see what I know is haunting me
You breed an esper with every answer that you steal
And I'm not made of as hard a fabric

Between her iron lips, I'd trickle down a sip
My bleeding wouldn't heal but taking was her thing
As of how we sealed the deal, couldn't say I know for real
But I'm sure I damned myself and told her

If you can't bring a shining star among our eyes
Be sure of this, I'll be counting on you
To bring an esper into my dying world
And I don't think I'll come back to save you

She cuts too deep– I'm still a kid
So on I follow
Onto the burning bitter end
I'll have to swallow

Sometimes I'm bothered by the sense
That all this god-forsaken mess
Was woven like a dream in my own head

Strain your gaze a few days further into me
If you can't see what I know is haunting me
You bring an esper with every answer that you steal
And I don't think I'll come back to save you

Come back to save you
Track Name: Tickdown
It's a thing you should've known
Nothing I had never shown
All is good, have it your way
Until I feel like being away

Try so hard to smile and always lie about why I
Just can't seem to see myself too close to you

Empty glass– I see them too
All those what ifs being made true
Time ticks down just wait to see
How feeling you is ending me

Tired of the swings between your soft lips close to mine
And all the vengefulness of moments full of truth

Chewing through me is a life that runs and spirals down
Until I'm pointing fingers I could use to climb back up again

Try so hard to smile, don't look unkind or turn away
Sift through the meaning of the things you used to do

Wrapped around me just as tight is her disturbing smile
All while her eyes tear up and scream forth "time ticks down"
Track Name: Successor
You'd said "stop being so cynical, it's grossing me out"
I guess there's things in me that I could do without
I'm incompatible and don't really think things through
I'm being sucked within this dead-end fate with you

Working around a wretched state of my mind
But the world's too big and too unkind

So please murder me tonight
I really hope you do
There's not much I can make of this life
If it's spent in a daze looking at you

I'd always said "don't let the bastards grind you down"
With hope and patience our dreams won't let us drown
And now we're rowing, holding for dear life
The boat is sinking and I blame my inner strife

Here I am making a fool of myself
Because that's what I am

So please murder me tonight
We're all to blame and no salvation
The way I'm wired doesn't seem to do any good
Snap back, spit in the eye that's winking at my doom

So please murder me tonight
I really hope you do
There's not much I can make of this life
If it's spent in a daze looking at you
Track Name: Cells
I'm a fool, inside my mind you'll find all my mixtapes
Of old men that try to sound like bands of youth

Now I know, it's far too late to say all my goodbyes
And pretend I left for some place far from you

I reach out and try to understand the riddles of your mind
(I reach out, touch your face)
While you browse through empty dreamy landscapes
(With stepped over hands)
So excuse me if I ever tell you to open your heart for me
(Excuse this way of asking you to open your heart)
Now that the world is drowned in light

I'm a fool, inside my mind you'll find all my mixtapes
Of old men that try to sound like bands of youth

I'm a fool, inside my mind you'll find all my mixtapes
Of old men that try to sound like bands of youth

Now I know, it's far too late to say all my goodbyes
And pretend I left for some place far from you
Track Name: Asymptote pt.2
Waiting for the snow
In the glacier of your soul
The starless sky is dark as coal
And I'm waiting here alone

I haven't seen the sun today
I only saw myself
An empty head with eyes that pray
And it's just another day

Waiting for the snow
And the fog is laying low
Blurry scenes of daily life dive in deep
And bring the night

Fixated on the wall
Hazy shapes adopt their form
Reach my hand to touch
And feel a warm embrace

That melts away the memories
And brings the light of day, light of day

(Raise your head)
Now raise your head
(And look above)
And look above)
(Stretch your body)
Welcome me back home

The snow has come
I'm waiting here no more
Don't have to feed myself with lies

I gave it all I've got
But how could I forget
We were never meant to cross each other's path

(Gave it all I've got)
(But how could I forget)

These lines were always meant to stray so far appart, far apart
Track Name: Thoughtful Presents
Every gift I give is a parting one...
I've heard lifes for everyone but I can't have none
The tough thing is to never let yourself look back
But no matter how I try this nut won't seem to crack

My dreams all scream the truth but I close my ears and shove them all out
I lock myself in empty rooms and I forget how to get out
Familiar voices call to me but the smoke's too thick to hear
I wish I still knew how to follow them away from here

Gazing up into a pale lit sky
(And all the clouds are gathering)
Can't see a bright side and I don't remember why
I'm looking in at lives of houses that all look the same to me
(And all the faces smiling)
Tracing everything back to what it used to mean

Hide this face from the world that, I'm afraid, knows my shame
Keep this claiming hands away from the ones that I said I loved
My mistakes form circles, hug and suffocate me in my sleep
They would be so proud of me, could they see...
Track Name: Barbs Of You
You can believe in you
Leave me out of how you managed to do
It's not okay to say
What you want back is "kind of" me "somehow"

Value yourself more...
More than you ever did my presence in your life
Still it'd be nice for you
If ornamentally I'd be there too

(Keeping me from moving on is not the prblem
I don't want to move on
Each wound in this body is atonement from you
What's harderst is the ache)

So don't wake me from this sleep, I know,
The things of then are all tomorrow's past,
until, till forever is another empty word, and I'm sure
I'll still have you just as long as all these barbs of you stay put...
Track Name: Striations
Sharp punch through gritted teeth, cough up the blood and spew
Your touch too formal and your hate is nothing new
Lock heads with permanence and struggle to keep firm
The seams are far from sewn, the wheel too hard to turn

He's prying open doors you shouldn't have to lock
Head down between your knees to brace against the shock
This isn't something you can live through day by day
It's nothing you can solve by wishing it away...

Empty hands sprawled on blunted knives
Hope wastes away before my eyes

Stagnated corpse and bone of time-honored bonds,
Love doesn't chip away like old paint from the walls

Scoff down the detriment and dare you ask for more..?
Clamped up against yourself, can't stomach any gore
Kneel down and slip beneath until he goes away
It's harder to confront than swallow all this shame

Stinging fingers crawl on skin that's dry
Dreams stop all over just like the tears you cry

Brittle balances give way, you're diving down
Trust isn't weakness– it's a curse, so wear it proud
Track Name: The Cull
In what we want there is no shame
We're unrefined and playing insane
We can't adapt and don't conform
With no faith in and no love to the cable-born

I saw god weep
He was looking at you
A proud declaration
Of things He can't hold true

Subatomic youth
Hope distilled into sweat
It's sliding down through your face
Turns into fear on your neck

Fooled by all– deceived by none
Our eyes see your forked tongues
Discarded weeds burn bright as day
And flames crawl towards the hay

Piled insecurities
Against the wind
Solid ground for expulsion
Of fickle kids

Put our backs on your cold walls
We'll never give in
Watch us burn ever closer
With every spin